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Elevate your ministry. Ignite results. 


Between Churches is your trusted partner in achieving ministry excellence. With a commitment to delivering top-notch consulting services, we specialize in guiding organizations through strategic planning, process optimization, and innovative solutions. 

Whether you are looking to understand & enhance your online presence, provide optimal experiences for digital/hybrid worshippers, implement a change program in your church, or seek to create safe spaces for people who are questioning, deconstructing, and/or decolonizing their faith, Between Churches is dedicated to driving success for your ministry.




We offer the following services to support you in having an impactful online presence and creating safe spaces for people who are questioning, deconstructing, or decolonizing their faith. 


Digital Presence & Impact Review 

An assessment that reviews the church’s digital footprint and offers ways you can continue to accomplish the church’s mission in digital spaces to extend our reach and build community 



Digital/Hybrid Ministry Review 

Are your digital worshippers voyeurs or participants in your services and church life?

Let’s take a closer look to enhance the ways digital worshippers are engaged. 



Strategic Planning

Are you looking to implement a program in your church that will change the experience of members? We work with you and your leaders to help your church navigate that change with minimal resistance. 


Do you know a change is needed but you are not sure what that change should be? We work with you to assess that as well.



Leadership Development 

Are your leaders digital novices? Do they need a better understanding of how to support the church’s mission in digital spaces? 


Is your church interested in reaching and including nones and dones in your community? Do your leaders know how best to achieve that goal?


We can help. 


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