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Welcome to Between Churches!

Between Churches is a safe space for those of us who are deconstructing or decolonizing our beliefs, bored or questioning our faith, or find ourselves thinking about leaving or having already left a church. 








Have I found my tribe?


When veering away from ‘traditional’ church it can present a challenge as those steeped in tradition just don’t seem to understand. They may be our friends, even our family members concerned that we have lost our way and need to return to tradition. The pressure and the judgment are real!


The journey of stepping away from ‘traditional’ church is difficult enough! Here, there’s no one giving you the side eye for asking questions about your beliefs and spiritual practices. No one condemning you for deconstructing or decolonizing your faith. No one throwing church cliches or speaking Christianese. There is no judgment here, and there is no pressure to choose or even know what is next. 


We affirm, without judgment, that you are questioning your faith. We affirm that you may be deciding to embrace your faith in ways that are different from what you were raised with or taught. If this is you, you’re in the right place! It’s good to see you! Welcome!


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